Alumni Board Activities

Board Membership

The Board consists of up to 10 representatives from several generations of Alumni, who have received at least one degree (BS, MS, or PhD) from the UCLA Electrical Engineering and Computer Department. Members are from both industry and academia. The Board is led by a Chairman, and Membership on the Board is for a three-year period.


The Alumni Advisory Board assists the UCLA Electrical and Computer Engineering Department in fostering a closer interaction with its Alumni, and in enhancing its educational objectives, through a variety of activities and functions that include some of the following:


Feedback on the Department’s educational objectives and curriculum enhancements.

Alumni News and Information

Dissemination of Alumni news through an online newsletter.

Alumni Events

Organization of Alumni social events.
Organization of professional events for students (e.g., job workshops; internships).
Organization of seminars and short courses for Alumni.

Recognize Alumni Excellence

Recommendations of distinguished EE Alumni for School of Engineering Awards.
Recommendations of distinguished young EE Alumni for School of Engineering Awards.

Assistance in Student Scholarships

Assistance with fundraising efforts for undergraduate student scholarships and graduate student fellowships.
Assistance with Alumni/student mentorship and student internships.