Chee Wei Wong

Chee Wei Wong

Chee Wei Wong
Primary Area: Physical and Wave Electronics

Office: 56-147D Engr. IV
Phone: (310) 825-6115
Research Lab: Mesoscopic Optics and Quantum Electronics Laboratory



Research and Teaching Interests:

Nonlinear optics, quantum optics, ultrafast optics, precision measurements

Awards and Recognitions


2020 National Academy of Inventors
2019 Fellow, The American Physical Society
2019 UCLA Innovation Fund Award
2018 National Institutes of Health Early Scientist Trailblazer Award
2018 Fellow of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
2018 Fellow of the International Society for Optics and Photonics
2017 Visiting Professorship, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2016 Google Faculty Research Award
2016 Qualcomm Innovation Award finalist
2016 Maiman Award finalist
2015 Qualcomm Innovation Award finalist
2014 Fellow of American Society of Mechanical Engineers
2013 Fellow of the Optical Society of America
2009 3M Faculty Award
2008 NSF CAREER Award
2008 Photonic Technology Access Program Research Award
2007 DARPA Young Faculty Award
2002 National Science International Fellowship Award (Singapore)


Selected Publications
  • 1. K.-C. Chang, X. Cheng, M. C. Sarihan, A. Kumar, Y. S. Lee, T. Zhong, Y.-X. Gong, Z. Xie, J. H. Shapiro, F. N. C. Wong, and C. W. Wong, 648 Hilbert-space dimensionality in biphoton frequency combs, arXiv preprint:
  • 2. Y. S. Jang, H. Liu, J. Yang, M. Yu, D.-L. Kwong, and C. W. Wong, Nanometric precision distance metrology via chip-scale soliton microcombs, arXiv preprint:
  • 3. S. Yang, M. C. Sarihan, K.-C. Chang, C. W. Wong, and L. Dolecek, Efficient information reconciliation for energy-time entanglement quantum key distribution, arXiv preprint:
  • 4. J. Yang, S.-W. Huang, Z. Xie, M. Yu, D.-L. Kwong, and C. W. Wong, Coherent satellites in multi-spectral regenerative frequency microcombs, Nature Communications Physics 3, 27 (2020).
  • 5. Y. Li, S.-W. Huang, B. Li, H. Liu, J. Yang, A. K. Vinod, K. Wang, M. Yu, D.-L. Kwong, H. Wang, K. K.-Y. Wong, and C. W. Wong, Real-time transition dynamics and stability of chip-scale dispersion-managed frequency microcombs, Nature – Light: Science & Applications 9, 52 (2020).
  • 6. Y. Huang, J. G. Flor Flores, Y. Li, W. Wang, D. Wang, N. Goldberg, J. Zheng, M. Yu, M. Lu, M. Kutzer, D. Rogers, D.-L. Kwong, L. Churchill, and C. W. Wong, A chip-scale oscillation-mode optomechanical inertial sensor near the thermodynamical limits, Laser & Photonics Reviews 14, 1800329 (2020).
  • 7. Y. Cho, J. Huang, and C. W. Wong, Collective excitations in 2D atomic layers: recent perspectives, Appl. Phys. Lett. Perspectives 116, 020501 (2020).
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  • 9. J. Lim, W. Liang, A. B. Matsko, L. Maleki, and C. W. Wong, Probing 10 microKelvin stability and residual drifts in cross-polarized dual-mode stabilization of single-crystal ultrahigh-Q optical cavities, Nature – Light: Science & Applications 8, 1 (2019).
  • 10. B. C. Yao, S. W. Huang, Y. Liu, A. K. Vinod, C. Choi, M. Hoff, Y. N. Li, M. Yu, D. L. Kwong, Y. Huang, Y. J. Rao, X. F. Duan, and C. W. Wong, Gate-tunable frequency combs in graphene-nitride microresonators, Nature 558, 410 (2018).
  • 11. B. Yao, Y. Liu, S.-W. Huang, C. Choi, Z. Xie, J. Flor Flores, Y. Wu, M. Yu, D.-L. Kwong, Y. Huang, Y. Rao, X. Duan, and C. W. Wong, Broadband gate-tunable terahertz plasmons in graphene heterostructures, Nature Photonics 12 , 22 (2018).
  • 12. Lim, A. A. Savchenkov, E. Dale, W. Liang, D. Eliyahu, V. Ilchenko, A. B. Matsko, L. Maleki, and C. W. Wong, Chasing the thermodynamical noise limit in microresonators for ultrastable laser frequency stabilization, Nature Communications 8, 8 (2017).
  • 13. Heng Zhou, S.-W. Huang, X. Li, J. F. McMillan, C. Zhang, K. K. Y. Wong, M. Yu, G.-Q. Lo, D.-L. Wong, K. Qiu, and C. W. Wong, Real-time dynamics and cross-correlation gating spectroscopy of free-carrier Drude solitons, Nature – Light: Science & Applications 6, e17008 (2017).
  • 14. J. Wu, S.-W. Huang, Y. Huang, H. Zhou, J. Yang, J.-M. Liu, M. Yu, G. Lo, D.-L. Kwong, S. Duan, and C. W. Wong, Mesoscopic chaos mediated by Drude electron-hole plasma in silicon optomechanical oscillators, Nature Communications 8, 15570 (2017).
  • 15. B. Li, S.-W. Huang, Y. Li, C. W. Wong and K. Y. Wong, Panoramic reconstruction temporal imaging for seamless measurements of slowly-evolved femtosecond pulse dynamics, Nature Communications 8, 61 (2017).
  • 16. S.-W. Huang, J. Yang, S.-H. Yang, M. Yu, D.-L. Kwong, T. Zelevinsky, M. Jarrahi, and C. W. Wong, Globally stable microresonator Turing pattern formation for coherent high-power THz radiation on-chip, Physical Review X 7, 041002 (2017).
  • 17. S.-W. Huang, J. Yang, M. Yu, B. H. McGuyer, D.-L. Kwong, T. Zelevinsky, and C. W. Wong, A broadband chip-scale optical frequency synthesizer at 2.7×10^(-16) relative inaccuracy, Science Advances 2, e1501489 (2016).
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