City of Hope Research Assistant Job Opportunity

The Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope is looking for a research assistant in the Division of Mathematical Oncology. Established in 2015, the Division is committed to both developing and applying novel techniques from mathematics, physics, and engineering to translational problems in oncology. 

This is an excellent opportunity for a graduate student in engineering looking for a summer internship or a thesis topic with longer-term collaboration with a multi-disciplinary research team. The candidate will apply communication theory concepts to develop novel models and algorithms for intra-cellular signaling in immune cells and apply them to experimental data produced by lab-bench and clinical oncology collaborators. To this end, the candidate should have strong background in digital communications (especially signal detection), information theory and probability/stochastic processes. In addition, experience with machine learning techniques is a plus. More information on the research project can be found here.

The candidate should have excellent communication skills, have an interest in learning about basic cell biology, and perform independent research under the guidance and mentorship of the Director of Mathematical Oncology. Additional guidance and mentorship will be provided by a Sr. Research Associate with extensive experience in theoretical analysis, modeling and simulation of digital communication systems, including terrestrial and satellite communication systems. The candidate should be proficient in Matlab, Python, or R and produce software models used to analyze the experimental data. The candidate is expected to report research progress on a regular basis and support manuscript preparations and grant applications as needed. 

To apply for this position, please email Dr. Russell Rockne (