Design Opportunities

Opportunities for design projects are available in several courses in the program. Students are exposed to the entire cycle of designing, testing and presenting their projects, beginning in first year.

Engineering 96 features a variety of projects. Some are developed by faculty, and others have been developed by teams of students. These courses are intended to be taken by freshmen.

ECE 3 introduces the breadth of electrical and computer engineering, with a focus on some of the societally important inventions such as the electrical grid, automated control, computers and processors, and telecommunications. It also includes a laboratory that helps explain the basis of these inventions and a design project. Examples of some results can be found here [make a link to videos].

In senior year, students take a two-quarter sequence to enable extended time on projects that make use of skills learned over the course of the degree (courses designated 1xxDA/DB). The projects are more open-ended. A variety of courses are offered with different technological themes.

In addition to curricular opportunities, IEEE (link) and other student design organizations throughout the School offer a broad set of extracurricular opportunities for exploring curiosity and competition.

ECE3 Summer Session Race Day Results (Video)