Distinguished Prof. Yahya Rahmat-Samii announces his New Edited Book – Antenna and Sensor Technologies in Modern Medical Applications

Distinguished Professor Yahya Rahmat-Samii co-authored an edited book with his colleague Prof. Erdem Topsaka, Virginal Common Wealth University. The book is entitled, “Antenna and Sensor Technologies in Modern Medical Applications”.  The book is published by IEEE Press and Wiley, March, 2021, with over 600 pages and color illustrations throughout the book. The fourteen chapters of the book are written by the leading experts in the field and provide systematic coverage of the most recent research in the burgeoning field of wireless medical telemetry and sensing that covers both wearable and implantable antenna and sensor technologies. Additionally an appendix, “Antennas and Sensor for Medical Applications: A Representative Literature Review,” provides a comprehensive and up-to-date collection of most important publications in the field. The book is written for students of electrical, bio, and medical engineering and for practitioners and researchers dealing with medical antennas and sensors. This is the first book on this topic and more information can be accessed at www.wiley.com.