ECE Professors Puneet Gupta, Kang Wang & Sudhakar Pamarti awarded $5.9M by Darpa


The University of California, Los Angeles, has been awarded up to $5.9 million over four years by DARPA to develop a novel energy efficient computing system suitable for the big data era. The project, called Spintronic Stochastic Dataflow Computing (SSDC), supports the FRANC (Foundations Required for Novel Compute) program within DARPA’s Electronics Resurgence Initiative (ERI) aimed at solving fundamental challenges confronting the growth of microelectronics long after Moore’s law is over.

The SSDC project is a collaborative effort between three faculty of the UCLA Electrical and Computer Engineering department – Prof. Kang L. Wang, Prof. Puneet Gupta, and Prof. Sudhakar Pamarti – who are experts in nanotechnology, computing systems and design automation, and integrated circuit design.

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