Engineers for Professional Inclusion Conference

The Engineers for Professional Inclusion Conference was hosted by the Society of Women Engineers @ UCLA Advocacy Committee on April 13 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

EPIC engages students, company representatives, and academics, from a wide range of backgrounds, in an open conversation about what it means to be inclusive in a professional environment. Our goal for EPIC is to facilitate meaningful conversations about diversity between a wide range of students and professionals and help participants brainstorm solutions that they can apply at UCLA and their workplaces. Overall, we hope that both students and professionals walk away from this event feeling more motivated and optimistic about fixing the lack of diversity in engineering, and realize they have a community on campus that cares. Additionally, we hope that these conversations will give them the tools to start and lead more conversations with others in an effort to heighten awareness surrounding obstacles that minorities in STEM fields face.

EPIC featured Diana Skaar, Head of Business Development at (Google) X, as its keynote speaker. Skaar is responsible for taking early-stage technologies from concept to go-to-market via strategic partnerships for prototyping, piloting, and first commercial revenues. Skaar is also an alumnus, having earned an Masters in Business Administration and Masters of Science at UCLA.

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