Prof. Asad Madni Presents the 2018 NAE Gordon Prize to Prof. Paul Yock of Stanford University

[L to R, Mr. Daniel Gordon BMG Charitable Trust; Dr. Asad Madni UCLA; Dr. Paul Yock Stanford; and Dr. Dan Mote NAE President]

As the Chair of the 2018 NAE Bernard Gordon Prize selection committee, Distinguished Adjunct Professor Asad M. Madni was accompanied by NAE President Dr. Dan Mote to present the award to Professor Paul Yock of Stanford University on May 22, 2018. The $500,000 annual award, the most prestigious education award, recognizes new methods and concepts in higher education aimed at developing engineering leaders. Prof. Yock received the award “for the development and global dissemination of Biodesign, a biomedical technology program creating leaders and innovations that benefit patients.”

Paul Yock’s work creates original innovations in health technologies and advances the expanding role of engineering in medicine” said NAE President C. D. Mote, Jr.  “The cumulative impact of this work is monumental.”