The paper published by Professor Emaminejad’s group is featured in ACS Editors’ Choice.

Based on the recommendations by American Chemical Society (ACS) journals’ editors, the research paper led by Shuyu Lin and Dr. Bo Wang from Professor Sam Emaminejad’s Interconnected and Integrated Bioelectronics Lab (I²BL) has been selected to be featured in the ACS Editors’ Choice portfolio, in addition to being published in ACS Sensors.

ACS Editors’ Choice is an honor given to only one article from the entire ACS portfolio each day of the year and the selected paper is made open access due to its potential for broad public interest. This paper reports the first ever demonstration of a distributed terminal-based sensing network, which uniquely capitalizes on the fingertip as a site for simultaneous non-invasive biomarker data sampling and user identification. This network can be positioned within the IoT infrastructure to widen the accessibility of personalized health monitoring for the general population.