Prof. Kadambi from Visual Machines Group Co-Presents at SIGGRAPH 2023 Course

Figure. The course presenters at ACM SIGGRAPH 2023 from left to right: Kadambi (UCLA), Ye (GMU), Dave (Rice University), Baek (POSTECH), and Chen (Vayu Robotics)

Prof. Achuta Kadambi from the Visual Machines Group at UCLA is a co-presenter at a course at ACM SIGGRAPH 2023 on polarized visual computing. Courses at SIGGRAPH cover a diverse range of topics within the realms of computer graphics, computational imaging, virtual reality, and interactive techniques, and are meticulously peer-reviewed and curated to cater to both seasoned professionals and aspiring enthusiasts.

The 2023 course on polarization is a milestone because it is the first course in SIGGRAPH focused on polarization. The introduction of a course on the topic marks an increase in scale and scope of polarized visual computing research. Further details about the course can be found on the webpage and slides will be made available after the conference.

Co-presenters of the course include Dr. Akshat Dave (Rice University), Prof. Jinwei Ye (George Mason University), Prof. Seung-Hwan Baek (POSTECH), and Prof. Ramesh Raskar (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology).