Prof. Lara Dolecek’s Ph.D. Student, Ahmed Hareedy, wins Best Paper Award at Globecom 2015

Prof. Lara Dolecek’s Ph.D. Student, Ahmed Hareedy, won Best Paper Award, SAC (Selected Areas in Communications), Data Storage Track at IEEE Globecom 2015 Conference on December 9, 2015, for the paper entitled “Non-Binary LDPC Code Optimization for Partial-Response Channels.”  The paper was authored by Ahmed Hareedy, Behzad Amiri, Shancheng Zhao, Rick Galbraith, and Professor Lara Dolecek.  Congratulations UCLA team!

IEEE Globecom Conference is the flagship conference of IEEE Communications Society. The conference attracts about 3000 submitted scientific papers. The conference is held annually and is attended by roughly 2500 leading scientists, researchers and industry practitioners from all around the world.