Professor Lara Dolecek’s team received the best paper award from the IEEE Data Storage for the paper titled “Correcting Grain Errors in Magnetic Media.”

The team includes Professor Lara Dolecek, Ryan Gabrys – her PhD student, and Eitan Yaakobi. The paper appeared in the August 2015 issue of IEEE Transactions on Information Theory.

This is the fourth best paper award for work co-authored by Professor Lara Dolecek and her group in the last 18 months.

Professor Lara Dolecek also had a survey paper on coding methods for non-volatile memories accepted to the Proceedings of the IEEE, the highest visibility venue for IEEE.  The paper by L. Dolecek and Y. Cassuto is entitled: “Channel Coding for Non-Volatile Memories: Theoretical Advances and Practical Considerations.”