Researchers from University of California and LANL awarded $3.6M to secure smart campuses

A consortium consisting of UC Riverside, UCLA, UCSD and UCSB along with Los Alamos National Laboratory, was awarded $3.6M for the three-year project “Securing smart campuses: a holistic multi-layer approach” through the 2018 UC Laboratory Fees Research Program. The vision for this project is to build security and privacy for “smart campuses”, that present a microcosm of smart cities and more generally of human cyber-physical systems.

The collaborative project, co-led by UC Riverside and UCLA (specifically Prof. Christina Fragouli, Prof. Paulo Tabuada and Prof. Suhas Diggavi), aims to develop a holistic framework to enhance the security, privacy and safety of campus operation, building on the team’s expertise in CPS security, information & wireless security, software & hardware security and privacy-preserving machine learning.