Advisor Student Undergraduate Student Poster
Dolecek Chi-Yo Tsai Visualization tools for file synchronization
Fragouli Shengkang Chen Secrecy Over Erasure Networks
Gupta Liheng Zhu Assessing the Benefits of the Buried Interconnect Layer for Standard Cells
Ozcan Zoltan Gorocs High throughput volumetric detection of Giardia lamblia in water samples using real time holographic microscopy
Ozcan Steve Feng Color-based classification of microscale objects using lensfree imaging
Ozcan Alborz Feizi Portable cell counting based on lens-free on-chip imaging
Ozcan Qingshan Wei Mobile phone fluorescence microscopy for single DNA imaging and sizing
Ozcan Mustafa Daloglu High-throughput 3D tracking using lensfree holographic microscopy
Ozcan Mustafa Daloglu High-speed 3D reconstruction and tracking of microswimmers using parallel computing
Ozcan Chau Nguyen Label-free nanoparticle imaging and sizing using nano-lenses
Ozcan Steve Feng Evaluating feasibility for low-resource community-based malaria diagnostics
Ozcan Hatice Koydemir Rapid and Sensitive Detection and Enumeration of Giardia Lamblia Cysts in Large Volume Water Samples Using Smartphone Based Fluorescent Microscopy
Rahmat-Samii Bohan Zhang Ambient RF Energy Harvesting with a Hemispherical Rectenna Array for Omni-Directional and Multi-Service Operation
Wesel Nathan Wong Levels and Simplified Channel Modeling
Wesel Tong Mu Optimality and Rate-Compatibility for Erasure-Coded Packet Transmissions when Fading Channel Diversity Increases with Packet Length
Williams Daguan Chen Simulation of an Active Polarization-Selective Metasurface
Wong Parastou Mortazavian Demonstration of an ultrastable microcavity laser with Q at 10^13
Wong Chanyeol Choi Excitons and exciton dynamics in two-dimensional atomic crystals