UCLA Bioengineers create reusable COVID-19 face shields

First responders and health care workers have been putting their lives on the line to treat the tidal wave of COVID-19 patients flooding emergency rooms and intensive care units. Meanwhile, hospitals across the country are facing a shortage of medical-grade personal protective equipment, and manufacturers haven’t been able to meet the rising demand with high-quality solutions.

In response, bioengineers from the UCLA School of Dentistry and UCLA Samueli School of Engineering have taken to their computers and 3D printers and developed a reusable, durable face shield — a critical piece of equipment that protects the eyes, nose and mouth from infection-causing droplets. The prototype was reviewed and approved by UCLA Health on April 3, and the design has been shared on the National Institutes of Health’s 3D Print Exchange.

Complete article can be found here:  https://newsroom.ucla.edu/releases/reusable-face-shields-covid-19