UCLA IEEE Student-Professional Awareness Conference (SPAC) 2019

On Saturday, November 16, the UCLA Branch of IEEE presented its annual half-day SPAC, ‘The Vast Field of Tech: Diving into Different Aspects of Engineering’ in the Engineering VI Building. Approximately 40 students attended six sessions through the day. The seven presenters included five alumni; and represented the following companies: AT&T, Google, Netflix, Tinder, Qualcomm, and ViaSat. The program is attached.

The speakers described their experiences in hardware, software, and project management; and provided many insights into working life for our students. After the industry presentations, many of the speakers reviewed student resumes.

The students all thought that the day expanded their horizons regarding career and job opportunities. Congratulations to Michelle Lam and Michelle Tan, IEEE EVPs, for their exceptional efforts in putting this year’s SPAC together.