Computer Engineering Degree

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, jointly with the Computer Science Department, is establishing a new undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering. Computer engineers will have cross-disciplinary training in hardware as well as software aspects of small-scale (e.g., internet of things) and large-scale (e.g., cloud) computing systems. The degree will include coursework in circuit/processor design, signal/image/speech processing, machine learning, algorithms, networked embedded systems, robotics, etc. These collectively provide an understanding of many inventions of importance to our society, such as the Internet of Things, Human-Cyber-Physical Systems, Mobile/Wearable/Implantable Systems, Robotic Systems, and more generally “Smart” Systems at all scales in diverse spheres. The design of hardware, software, and algorithmic elements of such systems represents an already dominant and rapidly growing part of the Computer Engineering profession. We are very excited about this new undergraduate major in a field of enormous societal value and growth potential.

Please see further details on updated course plan, comparison with other undergraduate degrees, etc on Office of Academic and Student Affairs website at

A list of main Computer Engineering faculty within the ECE and CS departments is below though many other faculty work in Computer Engineering affiliated areas.

ECE Department
Puneet Gupta
Mani B. Srivastava
William J. Kaiser
Lei He
Ankur Mehta
Danijela Cabric

CS Department
Jason Cong
Milos Ercegovac
Tony Nowatzki
Miodrag Potkonjak
Glenn Reinman
Majid Sarrafzadeh
Yuval Tamir