Computer Engineering Program

Computer Engineering Department Highlight Photo

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, jointly with the Computer Science Department, has established a new undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering. Computer engineers build complex hardware-software systems ranging from small Internet-of-things to large data centers.

Computer Engineering Faculty in ECE Department.

  • Xiang “Anthony” Chen (Human-computer interaction, sensing and interaction techniques, intelligent user interfaces, computational design and fabrication)
  • Jason Cong (Computer system architecture, energy-efficient computing, reconfigurable computing, electronic design automation, fault-tolerant design of VLSI systems, design for nanotechnologies, design and analysis of algorithms). Joint appointment with CS Department.
  • Puneet Gupta (Design-technology co-optimization, variability and reliability-aware computer architecture, electronic design automation, technology-enabled machine learning systems)
  • Lei He (Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT); Programmable Logic (FPGA),  AI-on-A-Chip, Quantum Computing; Modeling, Simulation and Validation for VLSI Circuits)
  • Achuta Kadambi (Computational Imaging, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Robotics, Medical Devices)
  • William Kaiser (Biomedical informatics, embedded systems, biomedical devices)
  • Ankur Mehta (Printable robotics, Rapid design and fabrication, Controls algorithms, Wireless sensor networks)
  • Majid Sarrafzadeh (Embedded systems, health analytics, biomedical systems, and algorithm design). Joint appointment with CS Department.
  • Nader Sehatbakhsh (Security and Privacy, Computer Architecture, IoT/Embedded Systems Security, and Side-Channels)
  • Mani B. Srivastava (Embedded software, Ubiquitous and mobile computing, Human-cyber-physical systems, Security and privacy, Mobile health, Internet of things, Energy-aware computing)
  • Lixia Zhang (Internet architecture and protocol designs, security and resiliency of large-scale systems). Joint appointment with CS Department.
  • Omid Abari (Internet-of-Things (IoT), Digital Health, Ubiquitous Sensing, Wireless and Mobile Systems, Human-computer interaction (HCI)). Joint appointment with CS Department.

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