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  • Human Automation Teaming Solutions (HATS) – Hardware Engineer position available (05-21-17)
    HATS Hardware Engineer Job Description_V05-18-2018
  • Qualcomm 2017-18 * RFIC & RF Systems Positions Available (03-29-17)
    1. RFIC designers: Ph.D. students graduating in the next 12 months with strong publication record.
    2. RFIC interns: Ph.D. students graduating in the next 1-2 years with at least one publication.
    3. RF system engineers: M.S./Ph.D. students graduating in the next 6 months with strong fundamentals and good GPA.
    Please contact: Prasad Gudem, Ph.D., VP of Engineering, RFIC Design Group, Qualcomm Technologies Inc.:



  • UCLA Dept. of Neurobiology – Opportunity (01-31-18)
    Joshua Trachtenberg and Dario Ringach, Professors in the Department of Neurobiology, are seeking an Electrical Engineering student with advanced understanding of PCB layout using Altium, and, ideally, strong working knowledge of SolidWorks, to participate in the design of a novel 2-photon laser scanning microscope that will be used to image neurons in the living brain. This would be a part-time, work-study position. Dr. Ringach has a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and can provide the necessary oversight of the project. All work will ultimately be posted on our GitHub account.